And when the sun rose from the west, all was green again.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sailing away

There is this book called 'Kafka on the shore' and long time back, I used to read a wonderful blogger by the same name, who later moved on. I think I bought the book because of that blog. Its a beautiful name and conjures up a sense of wonderful detachment. Some bonds bind you down. Very few set you free. Its a journey to find that elastic that draws you in and then periodically hurls you out to outer space.

In the beginning, there was immense excitement. There were many beginnings. New things , even friends , new influences. Some things end; here however there is still some purpose and hopefully this journey will continue.

I am on the cusp of some wonderful change. Sometimes it makes me nervous, sometimes I panic, but there is also wild excitement on occasions. I hope I get through, meanwhile Elf is on a break.